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优秀毕业生 英文

毕业时我被授予优秀毕业生称号的英文翻译是 I was awarded the title of outstanding graduates when I graduated. 重点词汇分析award 音标:英 [əˈwɔ:d] 美 [əˈwɔ:rd] 释义: vt.授予,奖给,判给;判归,判定 n....

outstanding graduate excellent graduate 三好学生 Triple-A student

2003.12 Shanghai outstanding graduates; 2003.9-2004.8 ** healthy, studious, and helpful student; 2002.9-2003.8 ** university three excellencies activist; 2002.9-2003.8 merchant Mitsubishi scholarship; the 2003.9-2004.8 country ...

I have achieved (was granted( the honour of a best graduate student of Shandong province.个人译法,纯属参考,如有错误,诚请指教。

I have a good habit, that is I like reading. Books are my best friends, reading can bring me happy, make me grow in wisdom. The world is the knowledge of the ocean. My bookcase, there are a lot of books, I like to have the " ch...

分别是: Excellent school students outstanding student cadres excellent League members 优秀:excellent; outstanding; excellence; fine; splendid 学生:student; pupil; disciple; follower; scholastic 优秀学生干部:outstanding stud...

写反了 优秀的本科毕业生==excellent undergraduate 优秀的研究生==excellent postgraduate postgraduate [5pEust5^rAdjuit, 5pEust5^rAdVuit] n. 研究所学生, 研究生 adj. 毕业后的 undergraduate [7QndE5^rAdjuit] n. 大学肄业生, (尚未取得学...

辽宁省普通高等学校优秀毕业生 英文:Liaoning general higher education outstanding graduate

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2015th excellent graduates of Tianjin University of Finance

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