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Fight in out with sB

fight with 与…并肩作战 fight aganist 同…进行斗争 fight for 为…而战 fight with 也可以表示 fight against 之意 如 Have you been fighting with (against)your brother again? 你又和你兄弟打架了吗? __摘自星火英语,高考必备字典上的

fight with sb.意为“同某人争辩”,这里显然不适用. fight sb.意为“同某人打架、搏斗” 这个规律是没有的,主要是看意思。 decide on + n/动名词结构 eg:he has decided on (going there)/(that trip). decide to do 不定式结构 (非谓语) eg...

fight to 是打击,攻击,对抗(反抗)/fight with 是和谁谁打架

fight over sth.with sb 与某人争夺某物 例句筛选 1. WHEN two drunken men fight over a woman, alcohol and stupiditymay not be the only things at work. 当两个喝醉酒的男人争夺一个女人时,酒精和愚蠢可能并不是唯一起作用的东西。 2. On ...

fight 名词, (1)、n. 战斗;打架 have a fight win/ lose a fight 动词 (2)、vi & vt. fight for (= ) freedom fight against (可用with) the enemy fight with sb也可表示与某人并肩作战 fight a war/ battle 打一场战争

意思不同。 Fight with sb: 指“与某人争辩” Fight sb: 指“与某人打架/搏斗” 使用的时候主要看上下文的意思。

动词分为及物动词与不及物动词,及物动词可以直接+宾语(名词、动名词).不及物动词要+介词(如to\at)再+宾语. 加介词的:sit at the desk.arrive at the station 不加介词的:eat the apple. 再说简单点就是sb/sth 要加介词,特别指出,强调。

应为 for fight for 为…而战斗 They fought for their country. 他们为祖国而战斗。 fight with sb(与sb一起作战、战斗、斗争): In World War Two, the Americans fought with the Britain and French against the Germans. 第二战中美国联合英...

have a fight with sb 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

卷入与某的争斗, 跟某打架...... with 后接 fight 的对象 几个例句: That bouncer is so buff. Don't get into a fight with him. 那个保镖好壮,可别跟他打架。 How did you get into a fight with him? 你是怎么会和他打架的? I will not get...

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